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PLEASE NOTE – Marinella Hume Casting is not the employer of record for any production, we only provide casting services for production companies. For employer information you should refer to the voucher from the payroll company when you sign in.



Marinella Hume Casting provides casting services nationally and is a registered S-corp in Florida, Georgia and Illinois. We have full General Liability and Workers Comp with a one million dollar liability.

We have worked on projects in Pittsburgh (Mindhunter), Baltimore (House of Cards – previous 2 seasons), Portland (Librarians), Chicago (Chicago PD), Los Angeles and Miami (Ballers).

Producers love us because we find what they need, by having a combination of hand crafted open extras casting calls, utilizing social media and an amazing sense of local community resources. From the Bhutanese to the Tropical locals in Puerto Rico – we can find it all. Our rates are competitive and we have an amazing team, working diligently and smarter, not harder, to meet our goals for each production.

Bill Marinella and Andrea Hume bring over 25 years of experience and have crafted a team 2nd to none.