October 28 2015

Casting Call in Pittsburgh, PA

TIME: 10am- 2pm
LOCATION: Pittsburgh Studios, 1310 Beulah Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
(free parking)

EXCITING NEWS! On Saturday, November 14th, Marinella Hume Casting will be at Pittsburgh Studios for an OPEN CALL from 10am – 2pm.

Please show up early so we take your photo and get your information. You can also start the profile creation RIGHT NOW on our website: www.marinellahumecasting.com/castme. Be sure to upload at least one photo (use the photo below as a guide for exactly the format we need it shot as). You can use the photo cropping tool on our site when you upload — PLEASE, no sunglasses, hats or other people in the photo. Also add your CAR or TRUCK profile, we do pay more for vehicles and it only takes an extra minute!


Be sure to follow us on Facebook and tell your Pittsburgh actor friends about this great opportunity!